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Techno, House, Dubstep, Jungle, Rock, Dub and more.

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Yard Cave Island Friday Saturday
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Practical / Activities

Free camping
As an organisation we try to assure for an affordable and safe experience. Enjoy our free parking and camping. NO fire and NO drunk driving. You can support us by keeping the camping area clean or buying some of the BYR merch!
BYR shop
You can buy our tshirts at the BYR shop. We also recommend irritating the team with photobombs.
BYR Shop Support us by dressing well


Gin, Rum, Wodka, Whiskey or maybe some all-out delicious fruits. Do we need to say more?


Italian foods, Asian delight, finger food, Belgian Fries and burgers, maybe some healthy vegetarian or just a hot tea / coffee to get you going again.

Eat and Chill

Either you eat while dancing, enjoy our forest-like chill-out (aka "Huis van de Uil"), or choose the sheltered "eat and chill" area. Plenty of room to boost up those well deserved calories.

Henna Tattoo

Get your custom henna tattoo or choose one out of the available stencils for that extra swag. We recommend the BYR logo faceplant, for when you need to present well at that special jobinterview during the week after.


Insta-whuut? Bring your best face! Your friends probably want a picture to remember this awesome weekend by and we got them covered with our custom photobooth.

Surprise Act

Don't kiss and tell. Just be steady on your feet, because you might miss the BYR special while you're dreaming through your buzz on the camping.

How to get there?

Location: Butschovestraat 40, 3384 Glabbeek
Here are a few possible transportation methods to reach the festival.
Public Transport
A. From Leuven or Tienen bus station with bus 485:

Step 1:
A) FROM TIENEN: Take the Delijn bus "485 Leuven".
B) FROM LEUVEN: Take the Delijn bus "485 Tienen".

Step 2:
Exit in "Binkom" at "Stnwg. naar Atterode".

Step 3:
Spot and follow the BYR signs (distance: 1.7km)
(Direction: Helstraat > Butschovestraat)".

Step 4:
Arrive at the festival.

Car / Motorcycle
You can find a list of routes to BYR on Google Maps.
We have a designated Taxi Drop to arrive at the festival. There is a list of phonenumbers available at the BYR entrance to scedule your departure.
It is healthy, ecologic and you can enjoy the scenery. There is a designated bicycle area at our parking.
If you want to carpool, Reach out on our facebook event page to connect with people.



Get your tickets in advance to enjoy the most opportunistic prices.


Get your tickets early for the best price.
Go to ticket shopOpen


Better deal than at the door.

At the doors

Friday: 20h00 - 04h00
Saturday: 12h00 - 05h00
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